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7-Minute Self-Hypnosis  
George Guarino Certified Hypnotist Albany NY
George Guarino,CH
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Get Ready for 7-Minute Self-Hypnosis
Albany, New York, USA  518-256-6549
NEW -  Learn to go into 7-Minute Self-Hypnosis simply by listening to the
sound of my voice and follow my directions.  This audio is 12 minutes long.  
I will condition you to go into self-hypnosis during the first 5 minutes.  Then
you can remain in hypnosis for 7 minutes.  At the end of 7 minutes I will
emerge you by counting to 3.  It's that easy, that natural and that powerful.

Simply listen to the audio and follow my directions.  Do not think about
doing it correctly, just do it.  Do not expect to be unconscious because you
will be completely in control and you can hear everything around you and
understand what you need to change.  Your job is to act upon the changes
that occur to you.  Listen to what you are thinking during this session and
realize what you need to know that you can do this easily now.

Don't be concerned about the time.  Know that I will count you up to full
consciousness after the 7-Minute Self-Hypnosis session is complete. Trust
yourself and let this powerful life-changing audio work for you now, or for
the rest of your life.  It's up to you.  As you do this daily and compound the
benefits over time don't be too surprised at all the positive changes that
occur.  You really are more spectacular than you have ever imagined.

After using this audio a few times you will be able to do the process without
listening to the audio.  You can do it anywhere you are safe and comfortable.
Get Ready for 7-Minute Self-Hypnosis  (12 minutes)
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