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     "Let's Play Know Now" the first formal AH-HA event opened November 5, 2010 at
Upstate Artists Guild 247 Lark St, Albany, NY.  The space was setup so that participants
entered a 25'x5' room and walked slowly to their left following footprints painted on the
floor.  The space was sectioned in half with hanging sheets.  Minimal signage was
posted on the walls directing participant to simply breathe and listen.  At the far end as
participants made their first turn was a painting, white on white as a focal point.  An audio
loop was installed with 3 rotating scripts; "May I Hypnotize You... To," "Let's Play Know
Now" and "Find Your Point Inside" each loop was played for an hour.  Participants were
encouraged to continue walking for a number of passes around the space and to come
back at another time to hear other loops.  Participants were asked to sign Participant
Agreements forms before entering the space and to fill out a questionnaire as they left.
"Let's Play Know Now"... Upstate Artists Guild, November 5-30, 2010
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