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George Guarino Certified Hypnotist Albany NY
George Guarino,CH
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The Capital Region Chapter of the National Guild of Hypnotists treated the
public to a lively talk and demonstration about the benefits of hypnosis on
January 4, 2006; World Hypnotism Day.  The power of the mind and the
personal power of everyone in attendance made the night fly by.
Hypnosis Albany New York
After Chapter President
Dr. Barbara Davison
concluded her
began the
evening with a concise
history of hypnosis and
an explanation of what it's all about.  Jerome Pindell led the group through a beginners self-hypnosis
script and our first taste of true relaxation, mind and body.  Then everyone was invited to experience
the Chevreul's Pendulum Exercise and ask questions while nibbling brownies, cookies and oranges.
Hank Linett continued by relieving our stress and sharing his stories, leaving Barbara Stevens to
conclude the demonstrations with her past life regression work.
Hypnosis Albany New York
The event allowed the public to
become more comfortable with
hypnosis as a tool for good
and allowed NGH hypnotists to
once again shine.

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Hypnotists of the Capital Region Chapter of the National Guild of Hypnotists - Albany New York
L-R Top: George Guarino, Jeanne Caverly, Barbara Stevens, Ann Lanoue,
B: Barbara Davison, Hank Linett
Jerome Pindell looks on as participants listen to a PowerPoint presentation of hypnosis
Barbara Davison and Jerome Pindell look on as participants experiment.
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