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Need to
Lose Weight - Stop Smoking - Release Fear - Sleep - Pain Free?

     Modern hypnosis is a powerful tool. Take back control. Change behaviors. Release fear, worry and doubt. Yes, you can be hypnotized as you follow my instructions. You don't have to believe in it. All you need to do is participate. Over a decade of experience. I'd like to answer your questions. Let's talk. Sign up for your Free Consultation Assessment. And yes, HypnosisWorksWell.

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Powerful Sessions Available - In-Office or Online

You've thought
about it
long enough

   I'm George Guarino and I want to help you. Let's use the latest tested hypnotic methods and techniques mastered over my years of working with hypnosis clients in Albany, Clifton Park, Delmar and Saratoga Co. I assure you, you can be successful as you focus your mind and attention with hypnosis. Participate in the process as I guide you toward the resolution you deserve.

Is it even possible for you to be rid of your old fears, habits, pain, worry, insomnia, smoking or weight? Could you do this? You know that you want to. You need to move on. Now is the time. 


How good will it feel to get better at school, sports or improve your relationships? Somehow you know the answers are inside you and with help and hypnosis it's time to find yourself free. 

What could possibly stop you from making your Free Call for hypnosis help? Nothing, I hope. There's no obligation and I'm here for you to ask your questions and get your results.

(518) 256-6549

Freedom is a wonderful feeling and you deserve to feel that good now. I want to talk with you and make a personal plan for your success.

Here's what people are saying:
Thank you for allowing it to be SO EASY. It has been the easiest change I have ever gone through. No withdrawals, no nightmares, no aggravation, no anger, or anything. Just sweet pleasant feelings of happiness, contentment, success and a drive I haven't had in a long time. ___Michael
Hi George, I just thought that I would let you know that I have lost all the weight since I saw you. Thanks so much for the help. ___Kim 
I am so excited to tell you that I took the elevators the whole time I was down in Atlantic City. I went down Monday and had to come home last night but the time I had there was awesome Our rooms were on the 8th floor. ___Ann

Listen only when you are in a safe place.

Think about what it is you really want and listen. 

Vaping sucking up your money, energy, health and time? Call me

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Imagine using hypnosis to change your habits. With hypnosis the change can be easy, automatic and long lasting. 

Click here, fill in the form to let me know you're interested. 

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​...more about Hypnosis
You will not be unconscious nor out of control in hypnosis. In fact hypnosis is a heightened sense of focus and control. Many people report feeling like a new person, able and in control to find yourself behaving differently, the way you want to. When you participate you cannot help but change. Hypnosis is natural and powerful. It's been available to human beings for thousands of years but is only now becoming accepted by the medical profession as the complementary process it is intended to be for the profound changes you deserve to have in your life. What can we do together with hypnosis?
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