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School Hypnosis
Improve your Focus, Study Skills, Test-taking

Hypnosis is a powerful tool for improving focus, study skills and test-taking ability.

  • Do you need to settle down and focus better to attain your education goals? 

  • Are your study skills in need of improvement?

  • Do you find you freeze up when taking tests?

  • Would it be OK if you began to find yourself doing better studying and retaining class information? 

There are many reasons that you may need to improve your focus, study skills and test-taking abilities. These skills are essential to give you, your children and employees the best opportunity to advance in school and in careers.

If you're reading this, for yourself or a loved one, you're struggling with one or more aspects of the need to become a good student in a way that suits you.  Not everyone likes to take tests, but most of us need to be able to feel comfortable taking them and doing the best we can to get a good grade.

Hypnosis helps to use state dependent memory to your advantage. In hypnosis we can address a trauma that caused frustration, fear or lack of confidence. It's even possible to turn test trepidation into excitement and curiosity.

Hypnosis can be used to enhance these qualities in many ways. The ability to focus and retain information can be improved. The ability to anchor in a sense of relaxed calm as a tool to take into the testing site can be installed. Uncovering old negative feelings associated with studying and testing can be discovered and neutralized so that they no longer have the same impact or disruption.

For those who know they need to be better at test-taking and study skills, hypnosis can unlock new potential to deal with the situations better and ultimately get the results deserved, comfortably. 

Can hypnosis cause you to get 100% on every test, probably not. But, for those who come and participate in hypnosis you can definitely enhance academic skills, even to the extent of finding testing interesting and curious to take and see how well they perform.

If you need this to happen. Let's talk. See if working with hypnosis is right for you, your children or those needing to do well on career exams and certification tests. 

The call is free and you may find it to be enlightening as to how much you can accomplish with hypnosis.

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