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Find Lost Objects
with Hypnosis

It's so interesting to help clients find lost objects

Our unconscious mind is wonderful at storing and revealing lost memories when guided toward that end.

I am not a psychic and as a hypnotist I can only help the client reveal what it knows. If the unconscious mind knows where it last sensed the object it can reveal it. This takes detective work and a bit of common sense on the part of the client and the hypnotist.

If the object fell out of a pocket unbeknownst to the client, we can uncover when it was last seen and when it was not where it was suppose to be; in the pocket.  Somewhere in between lies the answer to what happened.


Finding lost objects is an exciting aspect of hypnotic work and I invite you to call and ask your questions to see if you and I can work together to find that valuable item that seems lost.  

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