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After smoking for 42 years, I became a non-smoker after one session with George. It has truly changed my life and I will be forever in his debt. I would highly recommend George to anyone who is serious about taking control of their lives and their own wellbeing. ___Bob

Incredible experience with George. He immediately put me at ease and we talked about my cigarette habit. After our hypnosis session, I was a non-smoker and have been now for nearly a year. He helped me to live a cleaner healthier and happier life. And saved me $300 a month to boot. Just a great guy ___ Andrew

Good evening Mr. Guarino,

A few years back, maybe 5-6, I underwent your services for smoking. I can say I am still smoke free and am truly in your debt! I've referenced you several times in those 5-6 years when describing how I managed to kick the habit.  Now I find myself mentioning you again to my sister I have successfully not smoked since seeing you on May 13 2013. ___Laura


Just wanted to let you know how successful hypnosis was for me.  Before hypnosis I had a lot of anxiety, and fear. After the sessions with you, I can honestly say that I feel like a weight has been lifted off me and I am feeling more like the person I used to be. I would highly recommend hypnosis for anyone that is looking to help themselves and better their lives. It’s the best kind of therapy and it really works.  Thank you ___ Carla

I had a session with George in early February 2017 and I felt just as comfortable with him as I did 2 years ago when we first met.  I do not trust people easily, but have complete faith and trust in George's talents and feel safe during my sessions with him.  It actually feels like connecting with an old friend.  George is very good at what he does and has helped me get answers to health concerns and more. Since our last session, my fear of not being able to breath is almost non-existent.  I also feel a decrease in my physical symptoms from other issues that were addressed under hypnosis.  I truly feel that I am further on my way to great health because of the help from George. Many thanks to you George!  ___Christina


I decided to try hypnosis (which was one of the best choices I've ever made in my life!!) for my recurring insomnia that was a direct side effect of an early injury. I've tried many different methods and I've seen various healers to no avail. Doctors could only provide me with heavy medications which in the long run made my condition a lot worse. My mother mentioned about hypnosis and I started searching online and George's practice instantly caught my eye. After the first session I started sleeping better and gradually my fear of ''bed-time'' started to subside. (I had sleepless nights for so long that I was dreading the night time) His approach to my insomnia was like no other. He helped me deal with other symptoms like chronic pain that was a result of suppressed emotions. I feel much more confident and self-assured. I can't thank you enough George, and I hope people who are suffering with insomnia or any other kind of problem will find help from hypnosis.  ___Kurumi


I went to George for hypnosis before giving a presentation in my new job.  My fear was that I wasn't really familiar with the material and it would show, however, I didn't want to read 90 slides word by word.  George conditioned me so I felt that I've been doing these presentations every day for a long time and I am completely familiar with material and the people would just love me, my voice and my presence.  The presentation was great! I partially improvised, partially read verbatim and I felt like it was my 1000th time.  I think they were happy with me because when I saw them loosing interests, I engaged them right away by asking questions, some not related to work :)   Basically,  I wasn't nervous at all, instead I was really aware of the whole situation.  I fully recommend George's services if you want quick and solid results. George, thanks so much  ___Anna


I took a practice train trip, went very well.  THANK YOU!!! Now to make it to the city.  Realizing the city is another one of my concerns we need to address. THANK YOU for my new found freedom! ___Paula

Follow up:  Hi this is Paula. I just wanted to say thank you from the very bottom of my heart. Made it to New York City to visit my son and back so it was wonderful. I also wanted to tell you that I told my therapist what a wonderful person and hypnotist you are. She has clients to refer to you. I sincerely appreciate all you've done. I'm looking forward to a exciting future. ___ Paula


I passed! In 6 areas I was above target, in 3 areas I was at target and there were 2 areas that need improvement, but I PASSED and I am certified!___ Erin


THIS is great.  I’m eating well but not overeating and no longer have the desire to eat sweets after supper. I have lost the strange obsession with the need to complete everything on my plate. It’s as if you have given me power over food and not food having power over me! ___ Vickie

I thought I would give you an update on my progress since seeing you. 

I have to say I have been completely unconcerned with snacking on cookies and such even though they are always readily available to me. It is a very freeing feeling for which I am grateful. I have had desert on a couple of occasions, in reasonable amounts and with no impulse for a second helping. ___Paulette

Hello George,

Kim here - it has been almost a year since I saw you.  I have now lost all the weight I wanted and am simply maintaining my weight (I weigh what I weighed in high school now at age 57!!!)  I just referred another friend to you! Thanks again for your help in my weight loss journey! ___Kim

I NEED to tell you I have already lost 10 pounds. I noticed a few dramatic changes.

One being that if I increased even 1/2 pound in the past, I immediately started a decline. That is NOT happening anymore.  Also if I taste a desert or a bite of something that would be diet-wise a disaster, I stop. I take the taste and don’t binge.  Which I used to do.  Don’t want to bore you or bother you but really want you to know how very grateful I am___ Vicky

Finally!!! This morning's weight was 164.8 lbs, (below goal weight), thanks to a nagging subconscious mind. ___ Charles


I am now aware of eating only 3 meals a day with some small evening snack when desired. I am no longer 'grazing.' I have listened to the CD twice and am encouraged by my awareness of and practice of principles we discussed. ___ Will


George Guarino is a terrific hypnotist! He has been seeing clients for close to 15 years and has developed an outstanding reputation and a proven track record in the Capital Region. If you want to become a non-smoker, lose weight, manage stress more effectively, or release an unwanted feeling or behavior then contact George Guarino.  ___ Mike


I just want to say that since we started our sessions something has definitely clicked. I have been very active with the advancement of my business, I seem to have found the energy needed to get myself going with this. Thanks for helping me get focused on what I needed to do. ____Raphael


You have helped me so so very much - I went from blood pressure that was dangerously high to normal and I am totally able, with what you have taught me, to keep it from spiking___ Victoria


I just want to thank you for helping me through a stuck place in my mind. It's amazing how quickly things can shift when working with someone as skilled as yourself. Your work was healing, comfortable and quick. Thank you.  ___Chanie

I want to let you know that your visit really helped my mother, Margaret.  After your visit she began participating in activities like cooking, flower arranging and exercising.   She immediately seemed less stressed and happier.  I can’t thank you enough for your visit. It was incredible.  ___Susan


My daughter had a session with you last year regarding her phobia of dandelions, and from what I can tell - it worked great! Last spring was the first spring she enjoyed that I can ever remember. When I tell her it worked, her response is that there just wasn't a lot of them around last spring (there were, but for the first time she just didn't seem to notice them), and even now she doesn't seem to be anxious about spring at all. So I'm convinced. Also right after her session with you I asked how she felt, and she said she felt amazing. ___Catharine

George – My son came out of your session very upbeat and feeling good, we stopped on the way home and I got a hamburger, he looked at me and said “The sight of that isn’t repulsing me, I think I could take a bite” and then actually did! This might not seem big but that is the first time in 21 years that he has actually done that and it was easy. Have a great holiday.  ___Tom



Just a short note to thank you for changing my miserable life, it is such a relief to enjoy my wife’s company again and not suffer from the offensive odor, I tell everyone who will listen about my experience with hypnosis ,i want thank you for the extra session to rid me of the scent from your office, i listened to you tape often and i find comforting and peaceful. Again thank you ___Don


I have played a number of rounds since our last visit. I am hitting the golf ball well posting my best scores. I have tested myself by playing with a group up in Warrensburg. There are a number of players that tend to talk or clunk their clubs into their bag as I am about to swing. That used to annoy me. Now I just regroup and tell myself to enjoy the experience. I am enjoying myself more even when sometimes not being able to get full concentration. I have also played with some golfers that hit the ball a lot further than I do. I still get a little intimidated by this and have to work to get back into my comfort zone. I have been able to make some good shots within my distance range. I have also played with a group that I am very comfortable being with and had some terrible swings. I have been able to shake off the bad holes and hit some of my personal best shots ever. In summary it is a work in progress that has an upward trend and I am enjoying myself a lot more. Thank you for your help ___Rory


After being constantly tired (even after 7+ hours of sleep), I had a sleep study and learned that I needed a Cpap. I never have been claustrophobic, however, the feeling of something constraining over my nose and mouth while pushing air in, certainly made sleep difficult. I tried relaxing, visualizing and other techniques to get my mind in tune with what was in my best interest for health. Nothing seemed to work as the longest I could keep it on was about 2 hours and some nights only an hour or less. I felt as if I couldn't breathe.


My wife suggested hypnosis with George Guarino. She knew him personally and has heard many excellent reviews. I, of course, was very skeptical, however, I had to try because nothing else was working for me. This wasn't a convenience, but a matter of life and death. I had tried hypnosis a few times and it never was successful. This time I went with an open mind. Keeping in mind that the longest I was able to wear the Cpap prior to George's session was 2 hours and that I did not register my CPap until after my session, please see my actual results. By the way, I am ecstatic and so is my wife. I would highly recommend George Guarino for issues around fears and limiting beliefs. He has made a believer out of me. ___ Brian


Hi George! Here's what I'd like to share: On my journey to find answers, the Hypnosis Works Well website appeared as an answer to give me a sign. In just a few weeks, with George's help, I have had what I like to call Aha moments. I have realized that having just enough really is enough. I remembered many of the little things that used to make me happy and that it's ok to have them again. It's ok to want what's best for me. It's important that I do what's best for myself so that I can better accomplish what I'm meant to do in this lifetime. I've also realized that it's important to forgive and move on and see how much love there is all around us. So much work was done in such a short time because I really wanted it and you were just as willing to help. I am grateful to you George and for your gift of showing me what I had forgotten or not allowed myself to believe. Thank you so much.


I was agitated, aggravated, nasty and mean when I tried to stop smoking and trust me I did not like who I was. Let’s face it I was not always pretty. I learned how to stop smoking when I asked a fellow hypnotist to treat me just like a regular client who wanted to stop smoking. I was ready really ready to stop smoking and told him George let us do this. I want to walk away like I never smoked a day in my life… and do you know what happened? I walked away a Non-smoker that same day. Do you know what was even more incredible? For the first time I held my head up high because I KNOW I WAS A NON-SMOKER from that moment on. I felt the change within me. I had not a craving, no urges, no panic attacks, nothing… it was as if I NEVER SMOKED A DAY IN MY LIFE BEFORE. ___Michael


I wanted to take a moment to thank you again for your help.  I woke up calm and was not thinking about smoking!! ___Lynn

 “Hey George I'm still not smoking cigarettes, haven't had a single one since we met that night two years ago. ____Andrew

Thanks, George!  5 days in and still not smoking.  Have had some emotional bumps this week with the marital separation, but a few deep breaths have kept me smoke free!  I don’t even have the need to smoke with the “regular” triggers, e.g. when I wake up.  That all seems to be gone.  I’ll continue to keep you updated. ___Kathy

I found George through web search on google since I was desperate to quit smoking. I had tried everything from the Patch, to Nicotine Gum and even the prescription drug Chantix, which only made me insane. I had been a smoker for about 15 years and I truly needed to quit because I was starting to huff-and-puff on regular walks, not to mention of being diagnosed with a mild COPD at age 25. It was time to get my health back! 

When I was ready, I called George because hypnosis became my last option--and I'm so grateful I did! After just one visit, seriously ONE, I was able to stop smoking immediately on February 5, 2011.  Now, I'm not going to lie, I have slipped up couple of times, however, right after finishing another cigarette, I would go back to non-smoking. I listen to his CDs every day when I am having a moment of weakness.  They actually help immensely. 

Hypnosis has quite possibly saved my life. I think a lot of people are skeptical about alternative therapies, which is probably why I didn't try it until I had exhausted all the traditional options: I wish I hadn't been so ignorant because it WORKED! I'm really amazed and obviously extremely grateful to George for working with me and changing my life. Not being a smoker has changed my health, made my clothes smell better, and I know my family, friends and husband are happy too. I highly recommend George and I hope you too make the decision to change and quit smoking.


Hi George, It’s been nine weeks and I’m doing great.  Do not even think about it anymore!!!  Wanted to thank you again for your help.  I feel great!  ___Lynn


You did far more than just enabling me to become a non-smoker. Amazing. I'll report back more fully in a few days.  Meanwhile, I'm spreading the word about your services. Thank you so much!  ___Deb

Hi George!


Two weeks and continuing to move forward to better health and smoke free!  Have had a few bumps, but I just take a few deep breaths and viola!  The urge is gone!  Have even lost a little weight and have done some jogging. Thanks so much, George, for your help.  I'll keep moving forward. ___Kathy


Public Speaking:

Good news… I've been much more comfortable with speaking in front of my colleagues.  It's awesome really. ___John 


Hello George! 

Monday's presentation was great! I partially improvised, partially read verbatim and I felt like it was my 1000th time. I think they were happy with me because when I saw them loosing interests, I engaged them right away by asking questions, some not related to work. I wasn't nervous at all, instead I was really aware of the whole situation.  Thanks so much  ___Anna



I never had the opportunity to discuss my experience with you in person but wanted to let you know that it was the most powerful hypnosis experience I've had.  Thanks for that!   The oddest thing for me is the fact that I cannot for the life of me remember what you did or how you began the journey.  I take great pride in my ability to recall anything I've done, read or written but this has escaped me totally.  ___Anthony

George you are a phenomenal Mindscaper. I enjoyed our session thoroughly and felt very refreshed and excited after the session. I highly recommend Mindscaping for anyone who is open to exploring their internal GPS and leveraging the power of the unconscious mind! Thanks George!  ___Maysa

I just finished a great Mindscaping session with George Guarino. For any of you considering it, I highly recommend it! It is a fun, simple process, and while it is too early to declare it a life-changing success, I feel pretty motivated on my issue. I think it is good for making positive changes in your life AND getting to learn Mindscaping from the inside out. It was a really cool experience, and thanks again ___David


I awoke today feeling like I am full of joy and there’s an inner tranquility that I haven’t felt in a very long time.  Funny, I am a very positive person, but never realized I lost the peace and bliss that I am feeling today after facing the internal struggles that were in my subconscious.  This new mapping is a very different type of hypnosis and I recommend it to anyone who is open to facing whatever it brings and move towards the elation that I am experiencing today.  I will be forever grateful for my new tools. Especially knowing all I have to do is bring the crystal to my heart to feel that special peace and love I found during our one-on-one session yesterday. Feel free to use my testimony to help others.  All someone needs to do is be open, honest and let this type of hypnosis work it’s magic.  Yes, it can be scary, but knowing you are in a safe place when you work through the struggles, that you don’t even know you have, and come out with a newly found inner peace it is so worth trying!  You can’t truly realize the calm you’ll experience until you’ve done this for even two sessions.  The newly found harmony feels like a ceasefire between my subconscious and conscious mind that I never realize I had.  You just have to be open, true and honest with yourself and use the tools given to you to let the mapping magic and the tools work in everyday life on a conscious level.  Thanks again, I will follow up with you in a month for a refresher session to keep me on track to meet my weight loss goal.  I now know I can get there and not let some of life’s traumas and ugly feelings get in the way! ___Doris




Hi George,

 You did an excellent job at our event - you're a great public speaker, besides hypnotist!  Congrats  ___Sam

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