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Sports Hypnosis
Improve your game

Hypnosis is a powerful tool for improving your game and becoming the player, athlete or respected team mate you truly want to be.

  • Do you need to overcome a specific sports related problem? 

  • Is your focus, determination or confidence in need of improvement?

  • Do you really want to go ALL OUT and WIN but you don't think you can? 

We all know that professional sports teams and players have embraced the use of sports mind-coaches to work with them. They may or may not officially call these coaches hypnotists, but I can assure you that they are using hypnotic techniques available to you too. 

When an athlete is in need of a renewed sense of focus and determination to be the best they can be, it goes beyond additional physical practice. It's imperative to adjust the mind in order to improve the physical outcome.  


The mind is where winners are made. Yes we need to repeat and repeat specific activities until they have become second nature. This is where our muscle memory comes in. Once we know how to walk and run, swim and jump, swing a club or shoot baskets successfully we put that activity on automatic to free up our focused attention to be aware of obstacles, opportunities or other players to avoid.


You do not have to tell your legs to carry you from one side of the field to the other, or from one base to the next. All you have to do is think of it and it begins to happen. Your focused attention is to notice if you have to adjust to avoid danger or take advantage of opportunities. 

In fact if you do begin to think about or question your ability to do the automatic activity that once came very naturally, you get in your own way and impede your success. Many times this what an athlete comes to a hypnotist to adjust and get back on track.


Being in the flow as often as possible is the desirable state to attain success. 

The job of hypnosis is to 1. tell the unconscious mind what you want to have happen and 2. uncover and neutralize the dis-empowering beliefs that were holding you back.

We actually learn very quickly. We learn in an instant that being hit by a ball hurts and that finishing the race first feels great. Neither is constant but both experiences make up your play action. Our job is to make it as easy to play at peak performance as possible.

Each person and each sport is different so between the client and the hypnotist a plan will be devised to move the client toward the desired outcome and consistently monitor the results, reinforcing the good while disconnecting what is not serving the client.

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