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Lose Weight with Hypnosis
You can become the size and shape that's right for you.

Weight - We deal with it all the time.


When we find ourselves over-weight, and it's not a medical problem, it's because our intake of food is out of balance with what we need to sustain a healthy body weight, shape and size. You know that.

You're here because you're looking for help in making changes and not just starting another diet. You're looking for a new relationship with food.


I'm not telling you anything you don't already know. In fact I'll bet you're better informed than I am about diets and what you should and shouldn't put into your body. You're better informed about the problems associated with eating sugar and carbs and grease and junk foods. You know that stuff.


In fact I'm depending on you to be more informed about what you want to be eating precisely because I am not a doctor, nor a nutritionist, I am a hypnotist and my job is help facilitate an agreement with your unconscious mind for you to eat differently. It's really as simple and direct as that.


Change your behavior and you'll get different results. I can assure you this, your unconscious mind wants the best for you. What if we told it what to do?


What if you found yourself eating beautiful, tasty, nutritious foods at the proper amounts and times? What if you found yourself saying, "no thanks" to old foods more often than '"yes." What would that do for you? Would that be OK with you?


Would it be OK if you just found yourself becoming slimmer and more in control of your choices?


What if you noticed you were more aware of eating slowly, eating less, eating better foods and enjoying it more? Would that be OK? Is that something you could live with?


Isn't that what you've come to hypnosis for?

Addressing improper eating, unless it's a medical problem, is all about satisfying your feelings properly. It's really not about the food at all. It's about the old connections and feelings associated with the behavior. Change your thoughts and your actions will follow. 

In our first session we'll discuss what you have been doing and what changes, if you made them, would give  you success and make you feel good. We'll talk about what you want to have happen and how you want to feel. With just a few specific changes you can release a lot of weight. We want that to happen for you as quickly as is possible... safely. 

I'm not going to tell you what you should eat or what you shouldn't eat, unless you want me to. I'm not going to make chocolate taste bitter or chalky, unless you want it to because it can happen. Together we'll uncover what's right for you and how you're going to move toward the size, shape and weight that's right for you. This is not one size fits all. You're a very special individual. Yes, you are very similar to others and that's where the door will open. 


I've said enough. On a deeper level you know what's right for you and how much you want to find yourself in control as you look at your reflection and smile.  


In only four sessions with me, sticking to your new patterns, that smile is yours. 

George Guarino, CH


____  If you are specifically interested in the Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis, please ask.



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