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Stop Smoking with Hypnosis
Become a Non-Smoker

Relax. I've worked with loads of people.

If they can be smoke-free, you can be smoke-free too.

The first thing we'll do together is to get rid of the expressions ‘Stop Smoking’ and ‘Quit Smoking’. I only use them because that's what most people think about when they want to be free of smoking.

Those two phrases are poison. That’s why the pills and gum have limited success. They tell the person they still need nicotine.


I want you to come into my office and leave as a Non-Smoker.


Cold-turkey and other programs can work but they may still leave the ex-smoker in a bind believing they’re giving up something. That's not my approach.

I'm interested in you, knowing that you are a Non-Smoker.

When you leave my office as a Non-Smoker, you have a sense of freedom and curiosity that you haven't felt in a long, long time.

I don't want you to give anything up. I want you to move toward a new wonderful future where you are free of smoking. You're not giving anything up. You're becoming the person you want to be when you came into my office. You just needed your unconscious mind to take on your new identity clearly. You are now a Non-Smoker. You look and act as a Non-Smoker.  You breathe easier and tobacco has no place in your life.

I'm not a talk therapist and  I'm not a counselor. I am a hypnotist and we use hypnosis to have you solve your problems in a way that feels good, moves you forward and is easier than you ever thought possible.

The process I use allows you to be free of smoking because you sense yourself as a different person. You find yourself thinking and acting differently in powerful, positive ways; a Non-Smoker - you find yourself to be a Non-Smoker.

What I intend to do with you is cause you to sense yourself being a Non-Smoker. Just like you want to be.

A Non-Smoker doesn’t smoke.


A Non-Smoker doesn’t get stressed out or bored and think; “I’m bored so I think I’ll start smoking.” That’s ridiculous. A Non-Smoker has other ways to address their feelings. You know this because you know Non-Smokers out in the world. They exist all around you. You see them breathing, living, driving, thinking, using computers and talking on their phones, going to work, going to parties, hanging out with the family and having fun.


If they can be living as Non-Smokers so can you. You were a Non-Smoker at one time and because of that you can live without smoking again... I guarantee it. 

All you have to do is participate and follow my instructions perfectly.

A Non-Smoker will get stressed and bored and feel lonely at times but a Non-Smoker satisfies those feelings in ways other than smoking. In fact starting to smoke would be ridiculous. 


In fact as a Non-Smoker you can begin to really determine what you need to do to satisfy your feelings; Boredom = Challenge yourself, Loneliness = Reach out to a friend, Deserve a Break = Take a Break, Fit in with the Gang = Get Centered and feel good about yourself.

Stop hiding, stop lying. Call and become a Non-Smoker.

You don't even have to think about smoking any longer. You can forget all about it.  Call and begin the process.

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