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The Pictrance Experience

Imagine the power of seeing a famous painting, as if for the first time. Pictrance can give viewers fresh reasons to re-experience older artwork.

It can also give viewers a powerful and deeply felt first impression of any new artwork since the picture will have visceral meaning and connection. 

  • Have you ever looked at a picture?
    Of course you have.


  • Might you have a picture in your home or office that gives you a certain good feeling when you happen to glance at it? I'll bet you do.

  • It could be a vacation picture, a picture of your friends, your partner, your children, or even a pet. When you see that picture a certain positive feeling comes to you. You know it when you feel it. Without any work you've allowed that picture to take you right back to a safe place and time.


  • We all have pictures that evoke feelings from the past that we want to re-experience. It's natural and very powerful.


  • The Pictrance process builds a positive feeling through an experience that you really want to continue having. And that feeling moves you toward your success.


  • Unlike an audio that takes time to experience, all the instructions of the Pictrance experience will be built into glancing at the picture, whether the viewer thinks about it or not. 

Pictrance is the process of using a picture as a focus point and personal connection to a picture. You will be guided inside and beyond the picture where you will begin to uncover the steps needed to move automatically toward your desires.
Your success is anchored to the memory of the picture.


I'm ready to give you and your organization the
Pictrance Experience.
Find out more by calling 518-256-6549
George Guarino,CH,CI

Here is a glimpse into

the Pictrance Experience.

I'm leading the audience through Pictrance using my

DeepTranceArt pictures as the focus point. 

Imagine pictures, paintings and art in your venue.

This process is perfect for directing attention to the artwork being displayed. Viewers will leave with a deep connection.

YES, This creates a new reason to care about your pictures. 

YES, This could absolutely help sell art. 

It's also a way of being a teaching artist to people who don't traditionally connect with the arts. This is a new, exciting reason for those who aren't naturally inclined to attend a gallery or museum, to come and get value from their visit.  Anyone who can focus their attention can benefit from

the Pictrance Experience.


Let's talk.


George Guarino,CH,CI   518-256-6549  

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