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Hypnosis Audios to Enhance your life

Get ready for 7-Minute Self-Hypnosis -

What if you could go into hypnosis easily and work on your issues all by yourself? 


Would you do it?

Here is an audio that lets you do just that. I'll talk to you for about 5 minutes and give you simple instructions. After telling your unconscious mind what to work on you'll be in that state for 7 minutes where your unconscious will begin working out the solution to your problem.


Formulate a statement that leads you to the resolution to your problem by stating that, "I feel wonderful as I _________."  Examples would be "I feel wonderful as I find myself thinking clearly." or "I feel wonderful as I feel what it's like being 120 lbs." or "I feel great as words come to me easily in conversation." 

This is NOT an affirmation. You are not saying "I am 102 lbs now." You are stating how you feel as you have what you want. The quest must be for something you have had in your life already at some time so that the unconscious mind knows what to bring into your life.


At some previous time you have had this feeling. If you are now 200 lbs you once were 120 lb. If you can speak now, then there were times in to past when words flowed easily through you. At some time you have thought clearly and your unconscious mind needs to be reminded that you want to have that feeling again now.

State whatever you want to bring into your life. Tell your unconscious mind how much you like having it. Your unconscious mind is very capable and willing to get you what you want as long as you ask and are determined to let yourself have it.

Is it OK to have what you ask for? If the answer is truly Yes, then you're on your way. 

Yes you will have to make changes and that's the point. You will find yourself acting and doing things differently as you continue to listen to the audio on a consistent basis and implement the instructions you receive. If you don't find yourself changing right away, that's also telling you something about what you're asking for. Perhaps you'll change what you ask for.

It's fun and easy. 

Simply let yourself be there for the 7 minutes, after which I will count you back up to waking awareness. Let your unconscious mind work on the problem. Your mind can drift and float and find answers. 

Don't get caught up in the process. Just do it and as you look back you'll see how you have taken steps to achieve just what you've attracted into your life. 

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