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Fear of Public Speaking? 
Test-taking? Toasts?
White Coat Syndrome Relief
Hypnosis for Fear, Worry
and Stress Release

Hypnosis has been proven to be a powerful tool for addressing Fear, Worry and Stress.

Public speaking, test-taking, being called upon to give a toast or be interviewed on radio or television can be an exhilarating experience or it can be terrifying. Which is it for you?


Either way, it's not so much about the event, it's about the feeling that comes up inside you. It's about that feeling that you may be experiencing right now simply by reading about it.


Change that feeling and the experience will change as well. The feeling is what we address in hypnosis.


I want you to feel good, feel well and be happy when it's your turn to shine. I want you to feel comfortable when you want to take a trip, plan a vacation, visit family or friends. I want you to say YES to the wonderful opportunities that come up in your life. I want you to feel free to say YES. 

Fears  - 

Whether it's a paralyzing phobia or an uncomfortable feeling about a situation, hypnosis can be used to eliminate or greatly reduce that anxious debilitating sensation. 

Our unconscious mind is always on guard protecting us from harm. It does a great job learning to keep us safe and secure but sometimes what seems helpful in the past isn't useful today.


That feeling that comes up can be eliminated or reduced to the point where it's just interesting to notice a little warning and not a full blown debilitating sensation. In fact in most cases it no longer has to be there at all because you're now able to be aware of true danger.


The shadow on the wall can't hurt you especially when it's caused by a swaying tree back-lit by the moon. When your deeper mature mind knows this, the old warning formed in younger years is no longer needed and is only an interesting old thought. There's no reason you can't be free to enjoy a car ride, get on a plane or feel comfortable speaking with your boss, giving a toast, being interviewed on radio or television or even speaking with the police.


I'm not saying that everyone should hold spiders or ride roller coasters or lean over the edge of a cliff. But you should feel free to feel comfortable choosing reasonable situations where you are reasonably safe and secure and able to enjoy life to the fullest.   

All feelings belong in the body and as we use various hypnotic techniques the feelings that were inappropriate can disappear.   

Stress -  

Everyone has stresses in their life. Managing that stress and not letting it get out of proportion is what we want. This will allow us to move through life easily and with a clear ability to get things done. 

The anxious feelings that comes from stress are felt internally. With hypnosis processes we are able to take those feelings out and replace them with good healthful feelings. As the unconscious mind begins to manage the internal stresses properly the anxious feelings can subside and allow the client to make better determinations whether external stresses can be viewed differently, and put into a proper context. 

It has been determined that stress is a killer and really needs to be addressed so that client can feel better, make better decisions and allow the internal immune system to run properly. 

Beyond the hypnosis work to alleviate the adverse sensations of stress, tools are taught so that stressful situations at home can be dealt with in a timely manner.

Everyone has to deal with stress. Managing it so that better health and happiness is assured is the goal. 

Worry  -

Worry is about ruminating about what hasn't happened yet.


When worry causes you to take action and prepare yourself the best way you can for the situations to come, that's a good thing. When worry is happening to the point of getting in the way of moving forward, losing sleep and taking care of business, it's no longer serving you. 

As with fear, it's a feeling and if that feeling is not based in true perception it needs to be changed because it's denying you all that this life has to offer you. The freedom to think clearly and make reasoned decisions at the appropriate time is what a well balanced individual strives for. It gives you the opportunity to bring more of what you want into your life.

Using hypnotic techniques we can address the cause of the worry and make changes that can give you more freedom, clarity and energy so that you feel better and get things done.

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